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Looking for HELP! Looking to purchase new wheels and tires!

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PLEASE HELP! I am a newer owner of a 2019 Can Am Defender MAX XT HD10. It has the factory wheels and tires on it.  I am looking to add FUEL VECTOR BR 15" WHEELS 33" RT320 TIRES and have Front and back offset 5+2/5+2. The tire width is 9.5". I am already installed a bracket 2 inch lift. Main thing I am concerned about is rubbing and spacing. I know the A arm extension is the best way to go, and I want to eventually do that. Will the wheels and tires fit? And will they rub with the bracket lift installed? I have also not touched the factory setting on the shocks. 



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backs might needs spacers and will definitely need them to be in line with the fronts anyway.

fronts will probably rub at full lock, might be ok with the lift though.  most guys that are running anything over 32" seem to be running the forward arms on machines.  

give it a whirl, can always do other stuff if they do rub.


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