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Found 5 results

  1. On two different occasions i had a loud buzzing noise I think it comes from the engine department. Sounds like a buzzer of some sort. The engine temperature is in the right zone, the lights including the accessory light bars are all off and I heard the sound only two different times that continues until I turnoff the key. I restart the motor and dont hear the buzzing sound. I have gas so I am not running out.. The last time I heard the buzz the gas gauge indicated I had one bar of gas left. After I loaded it on the trailer and got home, the gauge indicated two bars??? Both locations were on a reasonable level ground. The sound is not a horn but a buzzer sound. Where is the buzzer located and what is it trying to tell me? Bob in McKinney
  2. Our, Defender 2019 overheated many many times, however, the machine never told us. There was no warning light or high temp warning ever, we took it in to dealer at 165hrs because the machine told us a warning of “low oil pressure”. They ran the diagnostic, that said show temp spikes, 15-20 times! Dont you think I would have called a little sooner if a machine were a year old and overheated that many times Well, the Dealer told us that we need a new engine!!! BRP said they would not cover because it was out of warranty!!! I have had UTVs and ATVs for my entire life. They over heat sometimes. It happens, dust in radiator, or low water, but this thing was babied on our farm. Never ran hard, just riding the kids around gravel roads. If a machine wont tell you its running hot, how do you know????? Ridiculous. $28k machine, If anyone else has had this issue, please contact me. I’m putting together a lawsuit. Such bullshit.
  3. After 60 hours on my Can-Am XMR I have started to develop a bad brake squeal on my rear brakes. It sounded so bad I had my mechanic check it out because I swore I had a faulty wheel bearing or needed to use a greaser tool to lube my bearings again. If you have experienced this it sounds like metal on metal so bad you swear damage is occurring every time it happens. Mine only happened in reverse at about 3-5 mph. The bearings appeared to be just fine upon inspection so my mechanic swears it’s a brake issue. Apparently this is fairly common with Defenders and Can-Am in general using metallic brake pads. Has anyone experienced this? What did you use to fix it with real results?
  4. Hi All,New to the forum and wanted to see if anyone else had this issue. I have a 2020 Defender limited with about 300 miles on it. Ever since ~100 miles in, I have been getting a PPS fault error at random times during casual riding around the neighborhood (all dirt\paved roads, no trails). I would lose acceleration in the machine and it would just come to a complete stop. Screen would say limp mode home. I would just turn it off then back on again and everything would be fine. Seemed to happen very randomly. Checked voltage and was getting 14. Anyways, its been at the dealer for about 3 weeks now and they said they have tried everything under the sun - throttle body, battery, computer, etc. Cam Am told them to replace the entire wiring harness after they sent them a diagnostic file. .Any advice at all on the situation? I truly love the machine, just get nervous when I hear everything is getting ripped out and put back together on a brand new $30k machine. Anything I should look for when I get it back? This is all covered under warranty and I know 3 other people who have the limiteds and love them.-Dan
  5. Hey everyone. I’m selling my 2018 Defender XMR wheels and tires (ITP wheels and ITP Cryptid tires) from NC if anyone is interested. They are great mud tires and rims but I have several other sets I use instead for terrain in NC and the southeast. Most guys I ride with use Polaris Razors so no one has a need for the Can-Am bolt pattern. Cryptid tires are 98% with limited wear. ITP Wheels are in excellent condition. Please let me know if anyone is interested.
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