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2019- Defender Overheating and machine doesn't tell you!

Kevin H


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Our, Defender 2019 overheated many many times, however, the machine never told us. There was no warning light or high temp warning ever,  we took it in to dealer at 165hrs because the machine told us a warning of “low oil pressure”.  They ran the diagnostic, that said show temp spikes, 15-20 times! Dont you think I would have called a little sooner if a machine were a year old and overheated that many times  

Well, the Dealer told us that we need a new engine!!!

BRP said they would not cover because it was out of warranty!!!

I have had UTVs and ATVs for my entire life. They over heat sometimes. It happens, dust in radiator, or low water, but this thing was babied on our farm. Never ran hard, just riding the kids around gravel roads. If a machine wont tell you its running hot, how do you know?????  

Ridiculous. $28k machine, If anyone else has had this issue, please contact me. I’m putting together a lawsuit. Such bullshit. 

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I would start by asking the following questions:

1) Is the over temp warning system working? If not what has failed and when did it fail?

2) Did you ever hear the rad fan come on when the machine was idling or driving and it was hot outside?

3) The rad fan is supposed to come on at 96C/205 F and turn off at 92C/198F. If the rad fan hasn't been working why?

4) Coolant temp sensor, rad fan relay under the seat on the top left, blown fuse to the rad fan just below on the left side in the fuse box?

5) Why didn't the over temp light come on? bulb, or sensor

6) The engine is equipped with a over temp limp home mode that turns on and reduces engine power at 114C/237F and displays the overheat message on the guage (overtemp/limp home).

7) The dealer has accessed the stored faults to see if there was an over temp so can he see when the first ones started probably when the machine was on warranty?

😎 The dealer says that BRP won't cover it or have you spoken to BRP yourself? Many times the dealer makes the call for no warranty without finding the problem that caused the over temp issue in your case. If this is correct BRP hasn't been contacted. If the dealer can't answer at least some of the questions than how can you be sure that if you replace the short block the problem doesn't reoccur?

My guess is that you had a bad coolant sensor that was out of spec and it did not trigger the light or the limp home mode resulting in numerous over heats.

Before going the route of the lawsuit which may be real expensive and yield no results I would contact BRP Care for your area USA/Canada or elsewhere and explain your situation and see if they can provide you with any cost relief or answers? Good luck.🙂

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