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2020 Defender Limited PPS Fault - Getting a new wiring Harness from dealer



Hi All,

New to the forum and wanted to see if anyone else had this issue. I have a 2020 Defender limited with about 300 miles on it. Ever since ~100 miles in, I have been getting a PPS fault error at random times during casual riding around the neighborhood (all dirt\paved roads, no trails). I would lose acceleration in the machine and it would just come to a complete stop. Screen would say limp mode home. I would just turn it off then back on again and everything would be fine. Seemed to happen very randomly. Checked voltage and was getting 14. Anyways, its been at the dealer for about 3 weeks now and they said they have tried everything under the sun - throttle body, battery, computer, etc. Cam Am told them to replace the entire wiring harness after they sent them a diagnostic file. .

Any advice at all on the situation? I truly love the machine, just get nervous when I hear everything is getting ripped out and put back together on a brand new $30k machine. Anything I should look for when I get it back? This is all covered under warranty and I know 3 other people who have the limiteds and love them.


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I have less than 100 hours on mine, and I am getting the same fault.  One person said to check battery connections.  They were fine, but still getting the random fault.  Will contact the dealer Monday and see ehat their advice is.

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