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2020 Dedender problems


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Hello everyone. I have a couple questions about my Defender. I bought it last August and haven't used it much and always garaged. It has always had a clunking sound when going slow. Like slack someplace in drive line. Only notice is going slow on uneven ground.

Now I have some kind of rubbing in steering shaft when turning wheel. It does in when running or not running. Sounds like coming from under dash some place.

I also was suppose to get a two year warranty when I bought the bike but have never received anything in mail showing this. Should I have received something telling me this?

Anyone here had these same issues?

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Well, everyone's perception of the "clunk" is a bit different..... but seems it may be a product of the "viscolok" front diff.... maybe??? (A question for others here) kinda like the Dodge "tick" 

I've never really noticed it... but MANY HAVE!!

Secondly.... there are good amount of wirig  below the dash, could something have come loose? 

Thirdly.... if you bought an extended warranty you should have documentation in your original paperwork/contract ..... 

Moral of the story...... LOVE AND LEARN your rig!!! Cuz CanAm could care less now!! Customer service/warranty (work) is pretty lacking!! DEPENDING on your dealer.... Some have had no issues..... but RARE....

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4 hours ago, Hkb82 said:

Don’t  say there is a defender tick hunt I’ll start to cry lol

I’ve been down the hemi tick road also. 

I think we ALL have!!! It's like an officer told me a few years back..... (well maybe more than a few...) but anyway.. he said, "there are two types of bike riders.... those that have GONE DOWN, and those that WILL go down.... if you ride a bike long enough, YOU WILL GO DOWN....." Then he wrote me a ticket.... DOH!!



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I've started having the same or similar issue with my '21 6x6 Defender.  The clunk/knock changes with speed and seems worse at low speeds only because engine/tire/wind, etc noise masks it at higher speeds. At some times it's worse than others.  I've checked/done everything I know and still can't isolate the source except it sounds like "slop" in the drivetrain.  Some say it's associated with a helix gear in the clutch system and not to be concerned with it.  Plan to contact dealer service department and see if they can do anything with it.

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Dealer kept for 2+ weeks and did not find it.  Unfortunately, the dealer's back yard is slam full of machines needing service/repair and they will not spend much time isolating noises.  They submitted a Techline case to Can Am for all the good that will do.   I have the buggy back and the noise is (I believe) getting worse. When it breaks I suppose I'll know what it was.

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