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New Defender purchase questions


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I am in the market for a new machine. I currently have a 2018 Defender HD10 XT. I love the machine and it has been great, but I want a 6-seater. I have been tossing around the idea of a DPS HD8 Max. I mainly ride on county roads and use it for pokers runs, etc the most. From time to time, I will go off road and do some trail riding.

I would love to hear some feedback form anyone who has a HD8 Max, or has an opinion going from a HD10 to HD8. I just want to have plenty of power when I have four adults in it. Also, I am nervous I will miss the extra power. But, for a $3k price difference, I don’t think I would miss it that much. Any feedback would be great! I would like to hear from anyone who has an opinion! 

Thanks as always! 

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Oh baby.... You may have opened a can of worms this time..... I'm thinking EVERYONE has an opinion... lol 

As far as it goes, How are you with your HD's power with 2 adults in it? How about loaded? By chance have you added bigger tires? Gonna plow snow??? All things to consider when looking at your swap.... best of luck in your decision. Only thing better than a good small motor? A BIG MOTOR!!! You can always NOT use the power of a big motor when it'sNOT NEEDED. But you can NEVER USE power you DON'T HAVE.... Just a thought.


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Haha yeah, you may be right! I love the power we have now, but to be fair, I don’t ever use it to its full capability. Have never pulled anything in it, maybe have had a couple hundred pounds of bricks in it once in three years. Have had it some in some mud before and it was great. But, my dad has an HD8 three seater and he went the same places I did with no issue. My OCD I think is what I’m stuck on now. It drives me crazy to not have the biggest engine haha. As far as mods, I will leave it stock with the exception of some accessories. 

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