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5 Pin Rocker Lighted Switch

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This year I am adding a lift kit (possibly even more flooding), a winch and lights. Wiring rocker switches is my problem  I have visited I don’t know how many sites and watched how many YouTube video, I haven’t been able to figure out where to wire the pin that is on the bottom right so that switches are illuminated when I turn the driving lights on. 

I have read about connecting to instrument light panel wiring. No clue where to look. Since I won’t have access to my machine until April I can’t search for it and since it it is located on an island I need to have everything on hand once I get there.

Can someone tell me how to wire this properly?




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I don't know if you read my post in the builds section on wiring the two light bars on my defender. I had two light switches and they had to be wired differently. Check the switches you bought to see if they include a wiring schematic if not and you have the rest of the wiring figured out you will need to connect the terminal (bottom right ?) to a positive that is hot when the key is on or to a positive that is hot when you turn the driving lights on? The only way you can determine which is hot is to use a voltmeter and than connect to the proper terminal. You can use a jumper wire to do the same by touching the terminal but if you touch the wrong one you will blow a fuse so have some extras? FYI🤔

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BB, On the defender(at least mine) the switches and instrument panel light when the key is turned on.  They are not tied to the headlight switch from what I can tell.  I have 4 factory switches and 4 that i added and all of them the lower half (or upper half is the switch is flipped) lights up when the key is turned on.  There doesn't look to be a good option to get what your wanting unless all for of your headlights stay on in high beam mode then you could wire the switch post #6 to the low beam positive wire.   I would recommend just jumpering the #2 and #6 post on the switch and then running over to the accessory post so they are only hot with the key on.  Then they will function just like the factory switches.  Attached is a photo of my switches showing the jumper wires.


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