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Lift option idea, woundering if it would work


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Hey there, 

I am going to be purchasing the s3 springs, and I was going to get the 2” bracket lift to add with the springs. In theory I should gain around 4 inches. 

I wanted to go up to 30 or 32” tires…. If I added the 2” rough country spring spacers on top of the other 2, would that completely pitch the tires inward and loose my width? Or would the 3 even go together? Or should I just purchase a full 6” lift package 




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My honest opinion would be to get the 6” lift if you’re looking for a lot of lift because your axles are probably going to either be too short once you go that high or the angles of your cv joints are going to be too much, but if you’re just trying to fit 30-32” tires you won’t need much lift if any. All I did was the spring spacer and I clear 31” tires with more than enough space. 

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I have 30's on mine with stock suspension (picture), they do not rub at all. We had 32's on our shop limited pro and they would rub when turning. We have put on a set of SuperATV forward offset A arms on a defender, they allow up to 34" tires without a lift. https://www.superatv.com/can-am-defender-hd-10-high-clearance-2-inch-forward-offset-a-arms

Screen Shot 2022-04-16 at 7.47.58 AM.png

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