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  1. The red and black is your power for the dome light (a can am dome light plugs right into these) and the purple and white is for the windshield washer fluid pump that mounts on the washer fluid tank right behind the cab. Red set should be constant when the ignition is on and the purple set is switched with the windshield wiper switch.
  2. In my opinion these engines are tuned down quite a bit, so, I'd say you are completely fine.
  3. I believe that is a diagnostic plug. It should be plugged into the piece of plastic on the top right of the picture.
  4. I'm not sure if you've already tried this, but if you loosen the two torque screws on the sides of the handle you can adjust the handle. Other than that, I've got nothing.
  5. Have you looked into Rotopax. I think they are basically the pioneer for mounting gas cans on offroad machines.
  6. Installed the windshield banner yesterday and couldn’t be more happy. Fit was perfect and installation was a breeze!
  7. It says in that link that they are good up to 31" tires. So, fitting 32" tires might be alright with the addition of your 2" lift.
  8. I would say the forward A-arms are definitely needed, but I have no knowledge on the MCFFA-C1D-B arms.
  9. I've only had mine for one winter, but i think its decent. I bought the winter front from BRP to help heat when its really cold and that helped tremendously. I still have some air leaks from under the dash, but other than that the cab is perfectly warm and windows are mostly clear.
  10. I believe the limited's are good to go with the 30's. They came with the arched a-arms and I believe they are also a few inches forward from the early Defenders.
  11. I bought my matching switches off of Amazon. They look pretty decent and you can get a switch for just about anything.
  12. I do not have a max, but with my camso tracks I have yet to have any issues with getting through the snow in central/northern Minnesota. I'm sure it won't go through as much as your outlander, but it is still VERY capable.
  13. I have a poly one from Super ATV that works just fine. It gets scratched over time and harder to see out of and I've heard the glass will cut down on cab noise a little more than the poly, but other than that, there is really no difference
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