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Oil brands 2019 hd10


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2 hours ago, Smittydog27 said:

As many different answers as their are owners....but for me, I use the OE oils and filters.  Small price to pay to keep supporting local dealer.  They designed it and back it for warranty.  

Hmmm..... I guess if my local dealer supported me,  and warranty was an actual thing with BRP/CanAm..... I would think about supporting them with more than my original purchase... But as it is??? I don't support my local dealer??? More of a pusher really. They all want to be your buddy, until your ADDICTED!!! Then yer just another buck....

Oil is oil/ brake fluid is brake fluid.... Not gonna spend 50% more for something I can get automotive fluids for... that do the same thing... 

But thats me...

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As you can see from the responses you will have to make your own decision. I have had a very good relationship with Skidoo and Canam since 1996 (same dealership different staff over time) and continue to support them as much as I can.🙂

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I like to stick to the oem oils and lubes but more So I can’t hear I wasn’t running the proper oils if I have an issue. Once your warranty is up I guess it’s your call really. If you doing proper fluid changes with proper weight oils I’m sure you’ll never see a difference in performance or wear on a side by side.  

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