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Jeff Jones

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Well, first off let me welcome you to the forum!! You'll find there are some super great people here with plenty of info, and willing to help... Not exactly sure how wide you are wanting your rear bumper, but my stock CanAm bumper is 67" wide and I have a 2019 xt cab... Just remember that the bumper tilts with the bed. So keep that in mind when figuring the bumper ends... my tube bumper just rubs my 32's when the bed is tilted back. Hope this helps.

Joe and Bear



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I’d also consider the box angle when fully opened like when your working on it not just dumping it. I made mine fit kinda to close so now I can dump it but can’t pull the shock off and put the box all the way up for service. Looks like hunts factory one will have the same issues. Maybe it’s unavoidable without making it look awkward on the buggy. 

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Great looking bumper... I hope it works... I mean, I'm sure it will work with bed in down position. But looks like it may get the tires when bed is lifted. Probably not with stock sized wheel/tires.... But if yer building bumpers like that.... I don't see stock wheels/tires on yer ride for long

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