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The Marlon Side X Side Loader


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Have a buddy who did this setup for his Polaris general 4. He loves it. Didn’t notice a big mpg difference with his power stroke. Says it stable and appreciated not having to buy a toy hauler. 

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I looked at it in 2019 and decided to go the trailer route, I have hauled sleds to the mountains for many years on a pickup deck with no problems with stability but they sit much lower and are secured on a flat surface. 

Pros: The unit would be much more compact for parking and mpg would be slightly better, but you are still hauling an additional 1500 to 2000 lbs. and have increased wind resistance.

Cons: One sxs is at least as heavy as two sleds or more and it raises the center of gravity of the load significantly so for me even though I had a dually at the time it was a no go. If you had a cross wind it would make for an interesting ride. I didn't price the Marlon option but you could probably buy an aluminum trailer like the Karavan Raptor for the same price but will need space to park the trailer.

I see one of the guys on Dirt Trax uses the Marlon hauler.🙂

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guys run setups like this all the time with 4 seaters and such without much for issues. 

the sxs and toy hauler pages on facebook are loaded with them.  the tough part with the defender is the height, like others have said, overpasses and such will be tougher.  


time for a cage chop!


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it’s actually really not bad, when I had the original transforce tires with the wide side walls it would sway side to side, now with low pro side wall tires on the truck it really feels planted.  Otherwise my truck is stock ie. no suspension work or helper air bags and I “fallow“ the speed limit with no worries in the world.  Only time I actually fallow speed limit is on and off ramps as they are real tight curves, also dreading the day I have to swerve real quick cuz that’s gonna be scary.  

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