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2020 Can-am Defender Improvements & Features?


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I agree with Dragoon on the slow speed issue, my brother's Polaris and my Father in law's Kawasaki don't do that.   I'd also like the front dash cup holders to have a lighted halo around them so I can find in the dark.  Might as well make the gear labels lighted as well. The soft doors I have could be improved if they used a better frame instead of the wire frame so they fit correctly and didn't have to be constantly adjusted or slammed shut.  I'd like them to offer a center review mirror that isn't parabolic.  They could add a tiltmeter to the dash gauges.  Make the dash lights a little dimmer.  Make the nets for the front dash shelves with more elastic so you can get stuff in and out.  Replace the headlight bulbs with LED.  Put a little bigger CV boot protector on the Lonestar and XT models that have the curved A Arms or offer one as an accessory for those models.  Add a filter/screen on the fuel filler.  Make the 4wd switch so you can throw it on at any speed.  Maybe integrate some courtesy lights into the footwell areas in the front and back.  Other than that it's perfect.  I have had problems with the DPS and also smelling  raw fuel vapor after about an hour of riding but I'm not sure if those are design issues yet or just a problem with mine. 

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This might sounds a bit odd but I would like to see a PTO on the Defender and then make a front mounted snow blower for this rig running off the PTO.  I just cleaned up my drive way a few days ago from 55 cm snow storm...lol...this option would make cleaning the drive way out Fun!  And when has "Fun" every been used in the same sentence as cleaning 55 cm of snow out of a drive way?

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Here is a video of a hydraulic snow blower on the front of a UTV.  They put the pump in the bed of it and it looks like it's working pretty good.  I'm not sure it would handle 55cm though.


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