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  1. Thanks for the info...sounds like this will be a future upgrade for me.
  2. The saga continues. I tried to ratchet strap the tire and fill it with air but no joy. So I took it out to the dealer and they tried to put the tire back on the rim but no joy. The rim was punctured and had a small hole on the inside. The dealer said they usually get one or two every year come in like this. They figured a sharp rock got jammed on the inside of the rim and punctured it. So now I am waiting for a new rim and of course warranty will not cover it.
  3. When are you installing the S3 springs? And what model of the Defender do you have? I am curious if the S3 springs will give the 2019 Defender Xmr a 2 inch lift.
  4. Hi I took my rig out the other day and hit a trail that had snow and mud on it. When I got back home I noticed that one tire/wheel bead let go on the inside of the wheel. I was running 10lbs of air at all corners on a 2019 Defender Xmr. Now I am wondering if I should just purchase a set of bead lock wheels and be done with it. Anyone have any experience with single and/or double bead lock rims? If I do upgrade I would like to lift it maybe 2 inches with the BattleArmor 2 inch lift kit and get a bit larger wheel and tire. I don't want a huge lift...just want to use the stock suspension at this time.
  5. Just a quick update on my tire pressure experience at 10lbs. The other day I went out for a few hours on the trail that had plenty of snow still on it as well as some spots that were just mud. When I got back home and washing off the rig I noticed that one of the rear tires seemed a bit low on air. When I checked it...the tire gauge read 0 lbs. The side wall on these ITP tires are so strong that even with no air it didn't look that flat. So upon further investigation I noticed the bead was off the rim on the inside of the wheel. So I guess I will be adding a bit more pressure to these tires. That brings me to another topic....anybody running double bead lock rims?
  6. Thanks. Yes I agree that superbrightled has some nice stuff but when there is no company presents here in Canada, then the price gets out of hand with shipping and duty charges. I just wish our two countries would get rid of duty charges...lol. I still order stuff from the US when I can’t get it here...like GBoost BadAss belts but the price is higher.
  7. Hi Guys This is my first Side by Side. I did a lot of research on several different rigs but it basically came down to the Polaris Ranger or the Can-Am Defender....I ended up with the Defender Xmr and could't be happier. I had the dealer install most of the options since I am not that familiar with working on them. My next upgrade will be the Camso tracks but unfortunately the mounting hard ware for the 2019 Defender Xmr will not be ready until the coming fall. So I am out of luck this winter unless I go with Can-Am Apache tracks...and from what I have read I think the Camso has a better top speed so I am waiting for them. I made a short walk around video of my rig and uploaded it to youtube.
  8. I too have gone with the Can-Am glass flip up windshield just like Rudy has. I purchased it as an option when I got the rig and also added the wiper and washer fluid. I have only driven the rig in the fall and part of the winter so far and can't comment on how it works in the summer months when its hot. However at this point, its well worth the money. The wiper is amazing when you get crap flying up on the windshield and during hard rain/snow. Don't have to exit the rig to clean it off...that's worth something to me. I was told by the dealer that the hard-coat poly would eventually leave scratches when using the wiper so I went with the glass. It does open a few inches and locks in that position as well as opens fully. However I wouldn't try driving hard with it fully open. It has two pistons, one on each side that hold it open but I wouldn't put that much stress on them. I do drive it around with it locked into the short open position and it seems fine.
  9. I ended up buying the Auxito LEDs, I wanted a fanless LED and these were 9000 lumens a pair and just over 20 watts per LED. I just couldn't get the H8-HLV4 LEDs here in Canada without paying a crazy price for the shipping. That superbrightleds web site wanted $58 to ship...lol. That is basically the same price as the item itself! So I ended up ordering these... https://www.amazon.ca/AUXITO-9005-Headlight-Conversion-Fanless-Warranty/dp/B07KSZVH3N?th=1 Shipping was free on amazon. Here is a daytime pic of the rig with one side changed. Just look at how white the LEDs are in comparison to the OEM bulbs. This is the main reason why I wanted to upgrade to the LEDs and consuming less power is just icing on the cake.
  10. Ok...thanks for the info. I think I will give them a try as long as I can get them here in Canada...lol.
  11. My 2019 Defender XMR is running 4 - 35watt H8 bulbs. Did you guys replace both low and high beam bulbs with the same LED (H8-HLV4)?
  12. Thanks for sharing your experience. I own a 2019 Defender XMR. Are the tools required in your case the same for the 2019? If so, I am going to purchase them ASAP. Also what belt did you use to replace the stock one? Did you stick with the Can Am belt?
  13. Looks awesome. I have been thinking about changing my OEM lights on my Defender XMR. I have 4 Can Am LED bars that I use and therefore never run the OEM headlights because of the yellow light they cast. Also when the LED bars are on, the headlights don't make a bit of a difference...just waste battery power. But if I could change the headlight for what your running I would use them. I like the bright white light and like you said, they use less power which is always a bonus when running lots of accessories. Are they easy to install? Is this correct part number : H8-HLV4 ?
  14. I get what your saying about the tire rolling off the rim. However when I stood back to take a look at the tires with 10lbs of air, the side wall looks as stiff as it did when it was loaded to the factory max and the tires are so solid. I figured I would run them this way for awhile. So far no problems except now the snow is so deep it put a stop to my driving until I pick up a set of tracks. Maybe there is a big difference in the way the ITP Cryptid tires and the Big Horn 2 react to lower pressures. All I can say is that the ITP Cryptid tires seem to work great with 10lbs on all 4 corners.
  15. Nice. I think that is the way I am going to go as well...the Camso 4S1 tracks. However I have a bit of a waiting period. According to a dealer that I have been in contact with...Camso is just now working on a mounting kit for my Defender Xmr so I guess its a waiting game now. I am like a kid in a candy store!!! Lol. I can hardly stand it. Where I live we have had a ton of snow and my rig is now parked in the shed. All I can do is look at it. So how deep of snow have you had these tracks in?
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