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Ice auger mount


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If it was me I'd make a tee out of 2x2 square metal tubing and plug it into front receiver hitch and then mount the kolpin clamps on it to carry the auger.  Attached is a picture of the kolpin clamps, they are pretty stout.  If you don't have a front reciever you could make something to bolt onto the bumper.  I think I have the same bumper as the XMR so if you decide to add the front receiver hitch you'll likely have to go to harbor freight and get a hitch extension and then cut and redrill it to extend the factory reciever to be flush with the front of your bumper, at least I did on mine.  But then you can add anything you want to the front fairly easy and remove it when you don't need it.


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that sounds like a great idea.  I never thought to add the front receiver.  Then the possibilities are pretty much endless for custom attachments and really easy to swap in and out.

thanks for the reply.

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