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Welcome to the Defender Forum! Please post an introduction thread!


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DefenderSSV.com is the first dedicated Can-am Defender Forum on the web. Our goal is to be the go to place for all 2016+ Defender & Defender Max discussions. 

To keep the place friendly, we ask that every new member post up an introduction thread letting us know a little bit about themselves, their current (and future) rides etc.

Please help us keep this site friendly and informative! Thanks in advance.

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1 hour ago, ROK23AF said:

Just picked up a 19 DefenderXP looking for ideas and how to’s as im new to Can Am! Thanks guys for a good looking site

Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new machine. Don't hesitate to ask any questions, we got a great community here with a lot of helpful people!


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Better late than never to introduce my self I'm Stapleton ... I live in central Missouri and honestly made the best purchase of my life October 2018 on my defender hd10 max and in just over 5 months and 1300 miles I'm racing to the mail box every month to pay the payment with a huge smile on my face  ... I agree with modified this is a great forum for the defender with a great group of people that are checking there phones every night just waiting to help , answer tech questions or just chit chat about cool mods or fun days on there defenders ... 

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I'm Jerry...New to the site a few days ago.  Live in Somerset, WI now.  Have 2019 Defender HD10 Cab, Hyper Silver.  400 miles last week on new machine up near Canadian border.  Previous machines were 2017 Polaris 900 EPS and 2017 Polaris 1000 Northstar Edition with Glacier plow.  Nothing much left to do on My FFR Cobra Replica build so I bought a new toy.

Sold both Polaris' and went in to buy another Polaris Northstar edition and stumbled onto the Can Am Defender HD10 Cab (Dealer sold both brands) and was impressed at the differences in quality of build.  I had very good luck with the Polaris machines however the HD10 Cab version was exactly what I was looking for.

Last weekend added:

52" curved light bar on top

14" Light bar on bumper

Corbin Blinker kit with Flashers (great kit). https://www.corbincustomworks.com/collections/defender

Corbin Horn Kit

Back up lights

Lighted license plate

Rear view and Side Mirrors

Added electrical block (away from behind the heater) just in case I add something else.

Heater is still dismantled, waiting for one more switch for the back up lights.

Looking to add rear bumper and 30" tires soon. Think I will fab my own rear bumper.  Can't seem to find one I really like.




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On ‎4‎/‎6‎/‎2019 at 8:21 AM, Dragoon said:

Welcome, Jerry! Looks like you've got good taste in toys 😎

It's almost Cobra weather up there in WI isn't it?

Thanks.  I might not agree come Wednesday/Thursday if we get the 12" of snow forecasted!

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