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2019 Defender XT Cab removable winch kit


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Canam removable winch kit 715001652, comes with the mounting bracket, the electrical wiring to the winch motor, the electrical connector with pig tails and the bracket that holds the connector to the frame as well as the pin to secure the bracket to the receiver.

The Runva 4500 XP comes with the control switch, wiring and everything that connects the winch to the battery and the winch motor to the bracket. My winch was purchased from Canada Winch. The control on this unit is more like a shop winch and does not require the wiring to the dash or the solenoid that is more common with ATV winches. The wiring consists of a pair of wires (shorter ones to the battery) and longer ones to the back of the vehicle.

Bolt the winch to the bracket with supplied bolts, I had to cut a bit of the winch bracket to allow the motor to fit. Install the electrical leads to the motor. Decide which side you want the electrical bracket that holds electrical connector to fit, I switched the bracket to the right side so this required drilling two holes, end result a couple more inches of wire. 

The winch control sits in the folded down center back rest when required and out of the way and hidden when folded back up. I ran both pairs of wires through a nylon braid to keep the pairs together and make it easy to tie wrap them. The rear pair of wires runs through an existing hole in the cab to the engine compartment along the brake line to the rear. These two wires are bolted to the pig tails from the winch connector near the rear. Check rotation of the winch prior to taping or heat shrinking the connection of the wire pair. Cable tie the rear pair to the brake line to keep them secure. The winch comes with a 100 Amp fusible link which I used since the winch is connected directly to the battery.(only downside)

Two winches, very simple install and no removal of tunnel or dash only remove and reinstall the battery cover, quick and clean. I am not set up with the option to use this winch in the front which would require the use of the Canam wiring kit. The XT comes with the factory installed front 4500 Superwinch. Both winches have been respooled to synthetic rope.

To install the rear winch slide the winch bracket into the rear receiver, install the retaining pin and connect the electrical motor connector, reverse the procedure to remove and store the winch. (2-3 minute process) I can remove and install a regular tow hitch if desired but can not tow and run the winch at the same time since they use the same receiver.

When installed the rear winch bracket sticks out behind the rear wheels which could result in hanging the rear end up in steep and deeply rutted trails but will work well in the muskeg or when required to hang a big game animal etc? FYI, too much time and money.

rear winch.jpg

rear winch 2.jpg

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Finally got around to changing from the removable winch bracket to a more permanent one. I didn't like the fact that the winch stuck out too far behind the back wheels and I couldn't use the hitch at the same time.

I cut out the pieces from 1/8" plate steel, drilled the holes for mounting to the back of the Defender and for the guide in front of the winch. I took the pieces to the welder and he tig welded them together for me. Looks like a factory piece, I spray painted it with black enamel and installed it on the sxs. Here a couple of pics and it even fit without modification. 

Nice and high and closer to the back of the frame, hitch can be installed or removed and license plate relocated to the top of the headache rack.



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