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WHERE is the main fuse for the block under the dash

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I have a 2019 can am defender Xt with full cab and windshield wiper. The wiper got hung up in a tree branch and stopped working. I can't find any blown fuses and bought a new wiper motor and it doesn't work either. Anyone have any suggestions as to where the fuse or fusable link would be. Thanks in advance. 

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Under the front hood you have a 40 Amp fuse F10 which supplies the accessory power to the front roof harness, check it first. If the wiper switch is not illuminated that would indicate a blown fuse  , F10. If you had the inside roof panel off check to see if the wiper motor has a separate fuse?  If not check across the the bus with a volt meter or test light to see if you have power at the bus. The fuses in the front panel are under the black square box, pull the cover off to expose the fuses.☺️

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