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Defender limited max vs 3 seat?

sf jakey

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I’m buying a limited this year.  I’m torn between the max and the regular cab. I’d like the extra seating and inside protection, and I assume the LWB rides nicer, but I am concerned about the length when using it in difficult terrain, rocks etc.  Anybody get the max and regret it?  I assume the max is a bit quieter as well with the engine farther back.

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ADC4AC42-4774-4020-9BC3-A997D499F634.thumb.jpeg.c09fa42167516d60450c7d077d2e5868.jpegWe have the Max, and use it on tracks from December to April.On tracks, it will go anywhere and not get hung up.  On tires, the underside of the machine has a few beauty marks.   I thought of getting a lift kit, but Portals would be better, especially with tracks....This past weekend, we had 4 adults in it, and some firewood (12 x 1' diameter rounds, and the ride was amazing.   We dumped off the wood at the cabin,  and went off the trail and into some really sketchy terrain.  sketchy in that 3 of the passengers didn't want to be in the car, going down the face of the butte.   I would say, that if anything its the width, and not the length that causes the issues.  We  also used it to pull some floats out of the water; used the winch, then pulling with machine in reverse, 4WD and rear diff locked... 8'x20 floats, and it didn't even spin the tires on dry grass, I was super impressed!  not sure why but pics are always upside down... its a mac thing, i guess.

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