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Debating Whether or Not to Plan for Tracks in Future


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2022 Defender HD10 XT. I assumed from the start that I’d get tracks for next winter; however, I just got my tow vehicle (4Runner) and am shopping for a trailer now. AFAICT Defender is 74-1/2” wide and 140” long with tracks => 7x14’ trailer. Even with aluminum trailer, that puts me on the edge of needing a 2-axle trailer for the 4Runner. Also, I can find 12’ or 16’ aluminum trailer easy, but 14’ seems to be an odd size. 

This got me asking “How much are you really going to use tracks?”  My good friend with an HD10 Max Limited has tracks, and he only has ‘em on January to mid-March. That’s with a camp Downeast on a big lake that freezes solid for a couple months each year. All of my riding so far has been on my land in southern Maine - I’ve got a good sized piece across from my house - and I’m only 3 miles from the ocean. It gets cold and it snows here, but rarely more than a foot and often less.  

Bottom line:  with tracks costing $5-6k plus the added weight and cost of a bigger trailer, I might be better off buying a snowmobile. Or just staying inside for a week or two in January. If swapping tracks was like swapping wheels, I’d probably do it. But when you have to start removing pieces of skid plate, etc. I begin thinking “Maybe I should pass on tracks altogether…”

Anybody have useful advice before I go buy a trailer that won’t accommodate tracks?


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I live north of the 49th parallel and we usually get a fair amount of snow. I have 30" Cryptids on and a bit of a lift and I can easily go through 18" and up to 24" of fresh snow, drifted snow is more difficult. Anything deeper and I use my skidoo. I have no use for tracks but others that use their machine for trapping or access to areas that have deeper snow do.

Check out the builds section: forums, garage, builds for more good info including installs.🙂

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I have them and a couple of sleds. 
Defender with tracks, 4 people and all of our gear for a cookout at a lake or friends cabin, and we can all ride together. 

We ride the sleds for quick fast access to trails and a day of riding. 
Defender if it’s below -15 it’s got a heater and heated seats, lol. 
If the defender went 40 or 50 k faster with tracks, I would use it but sleds while limited in use are more fun!



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I am using an Aluma 7712HD tilt trailer for my 2018 XT Defender with tracks and while it is a tight fit, it does fit. I have land that is accessed by a logging road with a couple of low areas and the tracks don’t rut up the access. In snow it is nice to have a cab and heater though I have not run through more than about 14” of fresh powder, and I leave the tracks on year round. I actually sold my sleds because I really don’t need the speed anymore and appreciate the comfort and hauling capability. I am lucky enough to have another UTV with standard tires or I might swap out the tracks in dry months only.

I have tried to avoid dual axel trailers as they are more difficult to move around by hand but your tongue weight limitations might push you in that direction.



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