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Not sure if this is the right spot but I'm looking at picking up a set of tracks ether the comander wss4 which to my knowledge are basically the same as apache just alittle cheaper other option is camso 4s1 tried finding a comparison video but no luck just wondering if anyone has any input on these to tracks also well the tracks bold up even no I have highlifter forward arms on my 17 hd10 or well I need to put my stock arms back on I do still have them if so luckily 

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Make sure you read up on each model/brand of tracks. Some are snow only and others are all-terrain.

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ADC4AC42-4774-4020-9BC3-A997D499F634.thumb.jpeg.a1f6d2dc8717f6cc8b0428fd6bfdf1e5.jpegI have the 360 LT tracks, and they have been pretty solid.  The shop I dealt with had both types of Can Am tracks  in stock, but he said that for my area of use, I would be better off with the 360s.  So far, I have yet to find any issue with them.

You will lose about 50% of your cruising speed, 40 KM/hr is about the max... but for me, the ability to take 4-6 people out into an area they likely would never see, in the middle of winter, is worth it.

you want the air intake relocation kit, and the belt cooling relocation kit, as well as the speed module, and either flares or full doors... the back seat passengers get dusted in snow when its powdery...dont know why the pic is upside down, I'm not from Australia...

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