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Ground clearance, never enough

Doc Hawk

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Got my 2021 defender max xt hd8 this spring and found it great for our land and trails but lacking at our atv ranch Cloud 9 and local private trail ranches. Did the legwork and found what would be  the least stress on sxs without major changes. Bought S3 HD springs and SuperATV 2” forward offset a arms, upgraded from maxxis bighorn 27” stock to 30” carnivores. Fun basic mod, gained 4” clearance and stability. Anyone know how much more I could gain cranking up the spring load? A4E1781F-E89B-4E2D-A587-B7FA06A40601.thumb.jpeg.7cca7a4ca7d04f514397e5e34d9f2e2b.jpeg

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I got almost an inch of lift with the springs cranked up to max. Mine seemed to sit higher in the front and didn’t like the look. I run middle front and max back. Looks level and gives a little more height all around. Still ride and handles well. 

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I had the same question about this topic. We also have a 21 defender hd8 that needs some ground clearance. Thinking I will do the same aarm and spring set up. Is there a set of 30” tires that will fit the stock rim? 

also did you have to use any spacers with this set up?

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