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Well, I emailed Force Turbos to see what the skinny is on their turbo kit for the Defender.

The Defender in the installation instructions showed that it had the same tracks on it that I do, so I am hoping that they have some data, that shows the gains achieved with a turbo.

At altitude (4000') and up, I am sure that it would be a benefit, but before I send them $4K, I want to know that it will do more than roast tires.... 


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You might want to shop BRP for your turbo since they have had it on the Maverick for several years.

At 4000' you have lost about 12% of your Hp/torque and the turbo will definitely give you back that and more my guess is about 40% above stock at sea level and holding well above stock as you gain elevation.

Once you get into the turbo, you will need to redo the clutching and may have problems with the power train, such as snapping axles etc. so it doesn't stop at the turbo.

You may want to call EPI and discuss their clutch kits explaining that you are running tracks in the winter. They may be able to restore some of what you have lost with a very small investment? Good luck.🤔

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It’s 5 psi of boost. 
RWHP goes up from 45-78

Im told that the defender with tracks did 40 mph. 
I am getting 25 mph. 

I really just need it for winter, in the summer, it’s good as is. 

Agree that once the hp is bumped up, it’s a slippery slope of what’s the next thing that will break ?

It’s not cheap, and could end up turning this into a giant money pit,  so I may drop the pursuit; but I would still like to see some real life reviews.   In case my fortunes change, lol  



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