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Looking to add windshield wiper to my can am hard coated windshield


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I think you'll find that the wiper will scratch the windshield, even though its hard coated.

Its for that reason I went with the glass one. 

I don't think they recommend putting a wiper on the polycarbonate windshields.



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Any dust or dirt on the windshield would start micro scratches with a wiper. 

I know it says you can, and some people have had good success with them, others not so much, guess it depends on riding area, type of dirt, etc  

I think they do require more care than a glass windshield. Have to watch what you clean it with, etc.  Do not use Rain-X!

I am going to try some Glass Science on my Glass windshield.   It might be the answer to keeping all of it it clean all the time.

I have the glass flip up windshield, and wiper washer.  Spendy, but we think it was a good choice. 

if I want to run a snorkel kit, the washer tank has to be moved.

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I wouldn’t run a wiper kit with the hard window if I were you. They will definitely scratch and make it a pain to ride with when the sun is at your face. If your looking to add wipers I’d go with glass.

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I have used my wiper kit on my hardcoated windshield for a couple years now with now issues with scratches at all I know when I had wiped it before with a rag so I could see It would scratch easy I know I have had stone from a semi going by and if I had glass windshield it would of been toast just throwing it out I have been using with no issue's and man I love it I think a wiper kit on a windshield is a must 

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