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Leaking Brake Fluid - Help!


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I need some help with this one - the service manual (from brpmanuals.com) doesn't provide any useful information on the brake system. 

I first noticed brake fluid leaking in to the footwell near where the pedals are located. Upon inspection I noticed:

1. One of the brake fluid reservoirs was hall full (it was the reservoir at the rear - not sure which brakes this controls)

2. The rubber boot at top of the brake pedal was covered in fluid

3. On the other side of the boot (accessed from a removable panel in the front left wheel bay) I found a mechanism where the brake fluid hoses connect into. This mechanism had evidence of a leak as well - see photo below. This must be the main mechanism that is activated when brake pedal pushed. 

I can't see any obvious signs of the source of the leak. The hoses don't appear damaged. I am clueless as to what to check next. Do I have a faulty brake mechanism? Is there something in there I can tighten up? PS The bolts in photo below are on very tight... so tight they don't want to loosen very easily






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It sounds like you have a leak in the master cylinder, I tried to look online to see if there was a master cylinder repair kit but it said not available I would suggest a call to your dealer to see if they can get one for you after they check your sxs to make sure its not something else that you haven't seen. It may be something as simple as an "0" ring, brake fluid is very hard on paint so make sure you use water to clean it and catch the drips as best you can.🙂

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Well, as per your statement... The rear reservoir is for the front brake system. Or at least it is in mine. (2019) As for your leak? Did you try and loosen the the rear line just a little then tighten back up the line. Spray it with brake clean and clean it up nicely... Then pump the brakes a couple times.... Hold good amount of pressure.... Then go check the connection at the MC.... Hopefully you will find the leak... 

Good luck!!


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