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clutch weights


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got a clutch kit weights helix and springs installed everything my secondary is engaged in neutral and it moves as soon as I put it in gear I removed the kits weights installed the stock ones it was fixed took a picture of the difference does anyone know why this would be happening 


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Your picture shows two types of clutch arms (levers) the original ones that have belt dust on them and some new ones that are clean so you must have ordered a Dalton kit??

When you start the engine is the belt already engaged (spinning at idle) if so there is a problem with the primary not being open so you have a primary assembly or parts problem. I notice that the new clutch arms are a different shape and longer they sit much higher than the stock ones, they may not be for this application, send the picture and ask your kit manufacturer to help you out?🤔

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yes the belt is spinning in park but I took the longer ones out put the stocks back in fixed the problem I emailed them last night hopefully they get back to me Monday but everything else worked out great the new springs and helix was easy to assemble 

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