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Check Engine light - Check DPS message


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I went out for a ride and half way through the trip I shut the defender off and had lunch.  When I started it back up the Check Engine light was on and a message saying  Check DPS.  My bike is a 2019 HD10 Xmr and it only has about 550 km on it.  The steering was stiff for only a few seconds and then the Check Engine light disappeared along with the message.  It seemed to work fine for the rest of the trip but it sure doesn’t give me a feeling of confidence in this bike.  Especially when I am usually out alone or just with a passenger...no other bikes. It would be a hard walk out of the bush in the snow.  Anybody else have a similar problem with a Defender?93BB827C-A569-43E3-8BFF-8B8E7AB39B59.thumb.jpeg.9ef638895ede8928e91c08eee85fe0ea.jpeg

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In the service manual there is a method to flip the light switch in some sequence and the machine will display the actual error code on the digital display which would tell you more specifically what went wrong with the DPS.  Many of the recommended repairs are simply delete the error message and if it comes back replace the DPS.  An expensive fix if it keeps coming back.  I don't think you would get stranded if it goes out.  I'm not 100% sure because I haven't tried it but if you pull the fuse or disconnect the DPS harness the steering should work as if it didn't have power steering.  If it goes out completely you'll likely not even have to disconnect it.  I got the service manual online for $25 for my 2018 defender max, It gives a lot more info than the owners manual.

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Sorry about not getting back to this forum sooner.  I have not checked the error code yet but did talk to the dealer.  They figured it was a random glitch as Dragoon suggested.  I have put 100 km on it since and no error messages or check engine lights so I am hoping its going to be OK.

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i had the same problem so i brought it to the dealer but they couldnt figure out the problem. after cleaning all the battery and electrical connections the message didnt come back, when it does say check dps I just clean the connections again.

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Very happy to find this group conversation. My 19 lonestar throws a CHECK DPS almost every time I ride it. When this happens Iloose power steering. Happens when the buggy gets warm especially. I’ve heard,

-low voltage. So I keep a full charge and it still happens.

-loose starter or sillanode connection .

-and of course an over heating issue. Where is the radiator cap? I’d like to check fluid although it should be fine.
all these seem to be fine. 

when I took it back to the dealer they just said it needed to be reset and it good. That wasn’t the case at all. They said that cause the warranty was about to be up.

any help at all would be great

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