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I had a 2020 HD10 delivered last week, this is my first Can-Am and first side by side.  On its first hill climb the engine overheated, boiling the coolant and briefly going into limp mode before I was able to stop.  

Got it back to the dealership who were really good to deal with and had it back to me the same day.  There was an issue with the cooling fan fuse that prevented the fan from turning on. 

I am concerned that overheating the engine may have cause damage that may affect reliability long term.  It was in limp mode for a very short time and was only operating at low revs.

Just after any advice/reassurance re possible engine damage.


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My understanding of the system is that the engine will go into limp mode and reduce power to save the engine. The dealer would have been able to read the maximum temperature your engine reached with "Buds" but the fact that you had the coolant boil briefly indicates it reached 212F (plus the pressure held on the system by the pressure cap to raise the boiling point of the coolant). If the engine didn't stop when you hit idle but kept running and started up without seizing would indicate that you didn't damage the rings and cylinder walls.

If you are concerned about potential damage you could ask the dealer to do a compression check (if they haven't and a boroscope examination of the piston wall) before the warranty expires? Good luck with the new sxs they do have a pretty tough engine.🙂

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Defender 2019 overheated many many times, however, the machine never told us. There was no warning light or high temp warning ever,  we took it in to dealer at 165hrs because the machine told us a warning of “low oil pressure”. 

Dealer told us that we need a new engine!!!

BRP said they would not cover because it was out of warranty!!!

I have had UTVs and ATVs for my entire life. They over heat sometimes. It happens, dust in radiator, or low water, but this thing was babied on our farm. Never ran hard, just riding the kids around. If a machine wont tell you its running hot, how do you know?????  

Ridiculous. $28k machine, If anyone else has had this issue, please contact me. I’m putting together a lawsuit. Such bullshit. 

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