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RangerBob's Funbus Max XMR


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Here's a fun fact for you:

the machine is register as a 2018 Lonestar Max, but it is actually an XMR. Can-Am slated this VIN to be a Lonestar but made it in to a XMR as one of their first production vehicles.  I bought it from a dealer as their "show machine". Only had a few miles on it from being wheeled in and out of trailers at shows. 

Build List:

Armour & Protection:

  • Full Underbelly Skid Plates - HMWPE
  • A-Arm Skid Plates - Aluminum
  • Half doors (Can-Am)
  • Roof, Deluxe Sport (Can-Am)
  • Rear Winch bumper (S3 Powersports)
  • Windshield - Flip Glass Windshield (Can-Am)


  • Front Winch 4,500 lbs. Synthetic (Can-Am by SuperWinch)
  • Rear Winch 4,500 lbs. Synthetic (SuperWinch Terra 4500S)


  • Front Facing:
    • Rigid Industries E-Series 10" Combo Spot/LED Flood Light Bar
    • 52” NiLight 300 watt LED Light Bar
  • Rear Facing:
    • Senlips 18w 4” pod Cree Floods


  • Can-Am Complete Overhead Audio System (Jensen)


  • Spare Tire Mount
    • Spare Tire 30”x9” ITP Cryptid
  • Rear view mirror (Can-Am)
  • Side Mirror (Can-Am)
  • Cargo bed rails (Can-Am)
  • Snorkel Extensions (Can-Am)
  • Auxiliary battery Kit (Can-Am)
  • Rotopax Gas Cans (1.5 gallons) x2
  • Grab Handles on roll bars





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Excellent attention to detail Bob. Love it!!! 👍

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Love that rear bumper 

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