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Defender Battery Replacement


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I'm planning on goin with the oddessy pc1200 it's a direct replacement with just moving a few wires ... if u own a xt and up model u have a 30ah battery and dps/base models have a 18ah battery they both have around 350 cold cranking amps... the oddessy pc1200 is a 42ah deepcycle battery ... the first 5 seconds of turning the key it produces 1200cca up to 10 seconds produces 1050cca... after turning more than 10 seconds it runs 550cca .... it can drain its self completely and be recharged to 100% up to 400 times in its life cycle ... also can be mounted anyway u would like besides inverted ... Optima also makes a very good direct replacement but threw many reviews the the oddessy has it out edged plus a lil cheaper and also cheaper than running a dual battery setup and having to buy mount and run an isolater, buying a battery mount and also purchasing a second battery .... for under 250 bucks I believe it's the route I'm going to run ... some may rather run a dual setup just to have peace of mind if ur listening to ur audio set ups and runnin ur lightbars u have a separate battery to start back up to go home on ... but to safe some weight and keep it clean ima gonna try the deep cycle route and see how it goes 

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I haven't had any battery problems yet on my defender after 1 year.  It seems to have a really good stator in it and keeps up with all my lighting I'm running without draining the battery.  I do however have 2 seadoos that use the 30ah batteries and I have not had good luck with the ETX30LA.  I believe it goes under a lot of brands at different stores but has that same part number.  I have tried everything with all the small batteries i have, from battery minders to solar panels to bringing them in in the winter and they just don't seem to last very long.  The flooded type that are cheaper seem to  last longer than the AGM and cost about half as much.  I get about a year and half from the agms and three years out of the flooded.  I'm thinking i need to just buy the cheapest flooded battery I can find and replace it at 2 years or when it starts to struggle.  

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 2019 HD8 XT Cab. Live in the Canadian Arctic in Baffin Island so decided to upgrade. Didnt have any issues with the stock battery at -30c but it can get down to -40 or below here and it was more for peace of mind. I did have to remove the zip ties holding the wires back behind the batter and route them overtop to fit the odessy pc1200. Its a fair bit bigger then the stock battery so takes some

negotiating to get it in but it will




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