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Want softer springs


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Do they make softer springs for the defenders will help with articulation.  If you go look at my video (in the video pictures portion of the forum) of the step up you can see how stiff it seems left to right.  I don't want to loose any height and clearance, but the lateral articulation is exactly what you would expect from a rid that is also intended for work.  Problem being that I want to wheel this more than I want to do work with it.   So, I need longer softer springs I think.  Any info would be great. 

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Check and see where you are on the spring adjusters or cams, if on the lowest setting that's it for the softest setting on the stock setup. If not, you can drop to the lower cam settings using the supplied wrench. Moving the cam is much easier if the machine is jacked up allowing the shock and spring to fully extend. You will loose about 1" of clearance going from the highest to the lowest setting on the cam. The length of travel of the suspension is controlled by the stroke of the shock so longer springs won't change anything?

 I ride with my spring adjusters set at the highest setting so that I get maximum clearance and still find the ride very compliant. Body roll can be good or bad; if too much body roll on a sidehill you will feel like you are going to roll over and the same can happen in a soft spot. My 2019 HD10 Defender XT Cab is set up very similar with your XMR in height (15.5") except that I use much more aggressive tires (30" Cryptid standard on the XMR in Canada)for the soft stuff. Does your XMR have the option for locking up the front end or is it the Visco lock setup? I couldn't tell from the video.

Check your tire pressure and set it where you feel you like it, the lower the pressure the more squat or footprint you get but you stand the chance of damaging the rim or popping a bead if you get too low! The increase in sidewall flex can help you roll over rocks and logs instead of bouncing off.

There are a number of suppliers for springs and shocks, I have used the Elka stage 1 on my 1000 Outlander XT and liked that setup but they are pricey.😉 Enjoy the ride and experiment is all part of the ownership experience

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