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2020 defender xmr heater


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Hi guys

So I place an order for a 2020 Defender XMR over a month ago and I was promise that they will have it in September before my hunting trip.

Well it never came from Canam so they had to get it from another dealer. I decide to go big on this one after I froze every year hunting up north with my Polaris. So I got the Full hard doors and front and back windshield and they told me that it come with the sport roof and of course it did not came with one so now they have to find one and I also got the heater kit. Now they told me that the bad news is that the kit it will not be available till end of December. 

So I was wondering if those kits are diferent from the 2019 models because the BRP website show 2 models in stock but my dealer give me a diferent kit number  715005904  that I can't find on the BRP website. Another dealer told me that they have one on order and they should get it this week but my guy said that is the wrong one

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Do you really need a heater?  I have a 19 and the motor puts off a lot of heat into the cab.  Last weekend I was at 9000 feet and it was less than 50 degrees when we started back down and I had to leave the windscreen up (and that is with only a front screen and half doors).   As we stopped, I would crack the half doors to let the heat out of the lower half of the cab.   I can see a need for a heater if you are in the snow, using it to plow, or it wasn't going to be over freezing on several of your riding days.  Otherwise, I don't see the need.   

Being fully enclosed, you may need it to keep the windows from fogging, but if not, I'd try it without one first. 

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If you’re in an enclosed cab, and you breathe (most of us do), then your windshield WILL fog - it’s only a matter of time.   The heater defroster will save your bacon.  Without heat, I’d probably just dress warmly and loose the doors to keep the fog down..!  

My only ‘problem’ with the XT Cab heater is that, on warm days, I’ve noticed that the cold setting still pumps out heat.  The settings ought to indicate “hot” and “less hot”.  The blue area in the temp knob is misleading.  It’s not a fan for warm days at all.

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purchased a 2020 XMR Defender , ordered the full cab with heater. Still waiting for the heater to arrive. It can get pretty cold in Northern Alberta in the winter-50c / -58f. Can’t really see us enjoying it with the grandkids in the winter without it. Hopefully it arrives soon. Very impressed so far with the XMR but don’t really have too many KM ,s on it. 

 Originally the dealership I purchased my unit from did not realize the difference between the 2019/2020 heater but my salesman notified me right away.

  I did view the new system that came with the factory cab in their showroom last month  so I hope that means the custom install units are not far away. 

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