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Snow Plows? The good? the bad? the ugly?


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Hi Guys,


I'm looking to buy a snowplow for my HD8 before winter and I just wanted to poll the group to see if y'll knew of any that were better than the rest or any brands to stay away from?   I'm currently looking at a steel 72" KFI model from Side by Side stuff .com.


I've had a couple recommend the Can Am Alpine flex but honestly I feel that a steel plow would be a better option.



What are your experiences?




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3 hours ago, Tug Hill said:

I had the Alpine Flex on my old commander SXS and in three years went thru 2 cables  and 2 Syn. Ropes. never again.

I just ordered  6ft Westeren Impact fully Hyd. with the straight blade , time will tell I guess.

I just searched for that.   That is a serious blade!   Thanks for you feedback on the Alpine.


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We average about 260 inch's a year, with a good Lake Effect Event we could see 3 to 5 feet depending on how the wind is blowing over a day or two. Yea we get some snow.  Also have a Kubota B3200 with a 60" front  mounted snow blower to move the big stuff  

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1 hour ago, StarvinPilgrim said:

Looks good!     Do you have any pictures of the mount setup?

The base plate is simple 8 bolts, only need to drill 2 -3/8" in front. The main mount, where the 2 clevis pins are is where the plow clips into. It locks into the mount via a locking pin set

Overall well engineered and thought out design. Although running the electrical from the front back into the battery was a pain , but that's on BRP not Western.



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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I got the Apache LT tracks installed this morning on the HD10, also mounted the plow to check clearances. I will need to install cylinder stops on the angle cylinders and modify the plow dolly. It should be a blast running this beast this winter.

Think Snow!:classic_biggrin:

Defender Tracks and plow 001.JPG

Defender Tracks and plow 002.JPG

Defender Tracks and plow 003.JPG

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I just put a 72 inch moose plow on my 2020 Defender 10. Unless I am doing something wrong the plow is a toy. The bloody thing keeps folding under with very little resistance. It needs much heavier springs or something. Anybody else have experience with the Moose set up?

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