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I was wanting to know if there was any wires that send reverse signal, I’m wiring a backup beeper and reverse lights to my 22 defender pro lone star edition and I need a reverse signal wire that gets power when shifted into reverse

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I had wired in a rocker in the dash for my backup camera but you'd have to remember to flip it on each time backing up. I read either here, or on can-amforum.com someone had modified the panel around the shifter with a bolt that would hit the shifter to give you a ground connection when in reverse and trigger the camera, lights, etc. I've thought about looking into the instrument cluster for a wire to the reverse light indicator but haven't taken the time to dig into it yet to see if it's a signal trigger, or a data wire.


Couldn't find the thread but here's the video of what he did.



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No, there is no signal wire to tap into. You can use a microswitch mounted in the shifter assembly to catch when the lever is shifted into reverse. I know there is a guy that makes backup light kit that does that.

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