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Which one is Cylinder 2?


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Hopefully a simple question.  I'm getting a p0202 code indicating a misfire (or just a miscommunication?) in cylinder 2.  I think the easy first thing to do would be replace the injector.  Please tell me that #2 is the easy one to access right up front.

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Cylinder head #2 is the one you can see when you open the cargo box. I don't have the code list but before I would be looking at the fuel side I would check the ignition side. Spark plug, spark plug wire and coil. 

I haven't seen any postings on injector problems but depending on your fuel source etc. it could be the fuel side starting at the sock on the pump, the pump/regulator, inline filter etc.

If the engine has lots of hours you might do a compression test/leak down test, before starting to throw parts at it?🤔

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Thanks for the reply.  I had this last year and changed out the fuel side but it didn't really help. Eventually some Engine Med Rx "fixed" it, but obviously not because it's back.  I'll work on the spark side.  Thanks.

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i agree with andy, injectors are pretty bullet proof on them.  

check your fuel pressure along with your plugs and such as andy mentioned.  pumps have been known to fail, they will still run but will not build enough pressure.  

i had a poorly gapped plug on mine that was causing issues.  new properly gapped plugs and it has ran fine for 1200 miles.


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