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Hi All,

New here. Thanks for letting me join.

I picked my HD7 DPS, camo in May. From day one it would occasionally not go into high gear but would instead make a mind-numbing grinding noise. 

My dealer said it was likely a simple adjustment and they would take care of it this fall when I brought it in for the tracks to be installed.

Today was the day for the tracks. When I dropped it off, after several attempt I was able to demonstrate the condition. 

I just received this from my dealer, "I talked to ******* our head tech/service manager. He has seen this many times in these units. It is really just making sure it gets all the way into gear before hitting the gas. The way these are designed sometimes they don't fully engage even though the lever goes into position. It may go in fully almost every time and then every now and then not fully engage. He has spoken with BRP about this previously and it's the nature of the design on these transmissions."

Needless to say this response has me concerned. 

The grinding does not start until "hitting the gas", foot on brake, shifter into the H position, pause , press the accelerator, BANG BANG BANG BANG!

Once the RPMs drop, engagement. 

My question for the group; is this normal? What would you do? The service manager has seen this "many times"; have any of you?

Thanks again.

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Thanks for this.

He says they tried to adjust but it sounds like there wasn't much to be had.

When this happens it sounds horrible. Do you think damage is being done when this occurs? 

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Here is the page from the shop manual which explains how to adjust the cable from your shifter to the transmission so that the transmission is in gear when indicated on the shifter. The cable shifter needs to be adjusted correctly and the problem will go away.

The reason that the so called "ex spert" has seen this many times is because it a common problem with the cable shifter and the reason there is a built in adjustment to adjust for cable stretch or improper adjustment from the factory. The ex spert should have a copy of the shop manual and have someone read it. 😉20221122_095250.thumb.jpg.f7b3ea3d8e7831b02c946618db99281d.jpg

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When properly adjusted it rarely happens and it is something you could try yourself. If you lift the box you can check where the cable is secured to the transmission to see if it has loosened and you can feel the clicks when someone else moves the shift lever.🙂

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