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22 Defender XMR Build


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I'd like to apologize in advance for the length 😁

Hello friendly off-road enthusiasts and fellow mud throwers, I'm Mike from Southeast MN.  I have been reading up on the forum for the last 6 months and have legit read about 90% of the content here.  I've probably only retained about 5% of it but I like what I see from this community.  The first machine I rode was an 07ish outlander max 800 and fell in love with Can-Am.  I've been riding for about the last 20 years, but haven't owned my own unit until 2017 when I bought my first machine for the wife as a birthday present, a braand new Outlander 450.  In return, she bought an 08 Renegade 500 for MY birthday.  Now we are finally upgrading to a SXS so we can take the child and dog along on trips.  Placed a deposit back in December for a 22 Defender XMR with an estimated arrival of June.  I wasn't overly thrilled about the wait time but was expecting it and I've been waiting to get a new machine for the last 2 years so what's another 6 months during the winter and spring when you can't ride around my area anyways.  I gave my dealer a call last week just to check in, ask some more random questions, and still no updated time table for delivery.  Then I get an email towards the end of my work day yesterday saying my unit has shipped!  I immediately called him up because I thought it was some cruel April fools joke but sure enough, my Defender is on the way!  For the next several hours I was in shock and disbelief and couldn't stop shaking.  Now that my nerves have settled. it's time to talk about accessories.

These items I ordered with the unit
Center headrest - the wife wanted it
Trailering cover - for added protection and concealment
OEM half doors - I like the look better than the metal and plexi doors I have looked at.  Some type of soft upper door will be coming before winter.
OEM sport roof - Hate getting rained on and will be sealing it up for plowing

These will all come as I have the spare cash
SuperATV flip up windshield and rear windshield - these will be the first I pick up
50-52" lightbar for the front
32"ish rear lightbar
Rock lights - to bring me back to my underglow days
Whips - we do some night riding and would like to try some dunes
RGB H11 bulbs - These will replace the low and high beams once I have the lightbar installed
OEM front headliner - I'm not as into stereos as I was in my youth but I'm still an audiophile at heart so I'm planning on a PMX1 stereo with JL's MX280/4 amp powering either JL or RF marine speakers and some form of either tablet or carplay screen I can run Gaia maps and my sirius on, just a lil' somethin' somethin'
KFI plow system - I just plow mine and my neighbor's driveways so I don't need any fancy vplow or anything
And last but not least 32x10x15 blackwaters on Tusk Uinta beadlocks 15x7 4+3 offset - I want to see how the Criptids feel and handle on all the different terrain I'll be riding before getting the blackwaters, an extra $1500 I don't NEED to spend right away

I haven't made up my mind on the brand for any of the lighting yet, but want whatever I go with for whips and rock lights to use the same app so I can sync colors and patterns.  I'm guessing at least 2 weeks before I'll be able to take the unit home so I'll update this thread as the build progresses.

If you made it all the way down here, Congrats!  And again, sorry for the length.

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There are several posts on here about how much electrical load you can add, they should be in the builds section. You might want to read and get a good grip on what size of stator your machine has vs all the electrical you have plans for before you spend the money. Enjoy the machine and welcome to the forum.🙂

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I appreciate the concern, a lot of helpful people around here.  I've read ALMOST every post on the majority of the topics here and have seen the struggles others have come across.  My original post was getting long so I cut some stuff out but I've been installing mobile audio/video and lighting for about 2 decades so I know my way around a 12v system, as well as in home low voltage, 120/240v electrical, and solar.  At the point I'm getting close to pushing the stator to the max, I'll be looking at upgrading to the 850w, unless a higher wattage one ever comes available.  I also haven't decided if I want to wait until that point to add an accessory battery, or drop that in early on.  Battery isolator is a must and I always run battery tenders on my machines as well.  I'm good on the electrical side but always willing to take advice if there's a better way of doing things, or something I haven't thought of.  The mechanical side is where I will struggle but just reading up here I've already learned a lot and look forward to learning more.  I appreciate you looking out, it's nice seeing people willing to help others rather than cut them down.

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