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2019 HD10 defender rear axle problems



Hi I have a 2019 hd10 cab version that has a catvos 5 inch lift and 32 in tires. Very clean bike and I got it a couple of weeks ago.   The first ride both rear axles had busted boots. This ride was strictly on pavement as well nothing rough. I had the boots replaced and they busted again after the first ride ( again just pavement). I finally sent both axles back to turner and they replaced one cup and said one of the axles was too long??? Not sure how that happens but I just got through putting them back in and the hubs will not tighten up.  Looks like the outer splines on both rear axles is sticking out a little too far (1/16) and will not allow the hub to tighten all the way.  I did not have this problem before so I'm not sure what to do now.

Any help would be appreciated!!


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Interesting, I believe that both axles should be the same length on a stock 2019 but the Catvos lift changed your stock geometry. 

I think your only recourse, as mentioned above, is to call Catvos and see what they say? Were the axles part of their kit or bought separately from Turner.

Turner axles are supposed to be great quality (price) and they should have the knowledge to correct your problem as well. Keep us posted as to what finally works for you.🤔

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Thanks for the responses.  Actually figured out it was my own mistake....the outer race of my wheel bearing was missing and I didn't realize it when I put the hub on....dont know how i missed it but sure did.... I Replaced wheel bearing and it's all good now!

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