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2022 Brake lights not working



Purchased a 2022 Defender Max Lonestar 2 weeks ago.  Got it home and shortly thereafter discovered that the brake lights do not work.  All other light functions (running light / headlights) are fine.

Called dealership and they said it was probably a loose wire or the lead was never attached at the brake switch.  Asked them for the location of it so I could check.  The response was,  "We can't tell you that, you have to bring it in for us to correct the issue.  We don't want you working on it yourself."

So, rather that drive 35 miles one way, does anyone know where the switch is located?

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So I drove the defender down to the dealership.  Explained the problem and the tech tells me that the machine will not start if the brake light switch is defective.  I explain I have not had any recent issues with starting.  (When I first got it home, on 2 occasions, it failed to start when the ignition was turned to the start position).  So they check to see if in fact the brake lights do not work, and as expected, they still don't.  The first tech gets in and starts it and pulls it around to the service entrance.  The next tech comes out and gets in, and it won't start!  See, it won't start if the switch is bad!  So, no switch in stock, it will be ordered and arrive in a few days.

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