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Installing Can Am Heater in 2020 Defender

Bad Daddy

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Like the title says, I am going to install a heater in our Defender.

Prior to purchasing the CanAm unit, I download the instructions, to see how much pain I will suffer.  (Aside from the cost.) I have installed the heated seats, windshield, roof liner, plow, tracks, doors, etc, so I’m not adverse to hard work.

However, the instructions show the windshield, front roof  and front roll cage have to be removed

I really would like the heater, but damn, I guess I should have done it as the first thing  installed, not the last. We didn’t expect that we would be using it as much as we do, and a heater was asked for by the wife.

if anyone has installation tips that don’t involve disassembling it, to that level, I would like to know!

If you installed the inferno heater and are happy with it, I may go that route. 
a bit less of a headache to install, I’m sure.




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Plumber802. I pretty much have the same setup installing the inferno hopefully this weekend if it shows up.  Does it actually heat the cab well? The siezmik doors are great but do still have a small draft.  I plow snow a lot.  Just curious how warm it actually gets in the cab?

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