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Heavy duty springs on 2021 defender max xt

Doc Hawk

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Bought 2021 defender max xt Hd 8 this spring, love it but the ground clearance is lacking a bit. A patient of mine is the can am regional distributor and he leaned against lift kits and major tire increases because it stressed the engine and suspension. I’m trying to find a heavier duty spring for it but he and the dealer I bought from said the stock springs were the strongest available. Has anyone found a solution for increasing ground clearance without lift or significant tire size change? I’m not a major off-road guy but some of the terrain on my land can be challenging with the current ground clearance. Any suggestions appreciated.

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The first thing that you can do that costs nothing but takes a bit of time is to crank your spring adjusters to the max setting, this will raise your machine and increase the ride stiffness a bit. If  you choose to do this  you may find it easier to jack up the machine and than adjust the cam to max. This will give you an idea of what a stiffer spring may feel like. 

You can check the builds section to see what others have done to swap to after market springs. You can also see what others have done to install lift kits and larger tires which will change the ride height and axle geometry.🙂

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Yes I am cranking springs to max and testing it out at the atv ranch down here this weekend. I did look at the S3 springs we just couldn’t determine which model to pick bc they had not designated one for my specific sxs yet. I need to call them and ask, thanks for the feedback

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