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2019 Defender XT Cab Hd10 Coolant leak


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After a walk around inspection I noticed a coolant leak on my machine, it appears to be from the front of the engine near the water pump T and looks like one of the Oetiker clamps either broke or loosened off because of our recent cold snap. Almost 2 weeks of -30 C during the day and some -40 C at night.

The coolant bottle was almost drained, started and idled the machine no further leaking at -20C, filled coolant bottle and will make the repair in the spring when I need to remove part of the belly pan to get to the clamp. Cold weather can cause these types of issues even if you don't run the machine at this temperature.😉

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Thanks - good to know.  My (hopefully last) coolant leak was at one of the air bleed screws where coolant hose connects to block and every time I rode I could smell the hot coolant odor.  Had to make my own little gasket washer to make it stop and it seems to be working for past 600 mi.  Without the gasket, I could never tighten the screw enough to stop it leaking by, plus, the inset is plastic so you can over tighten and strip the whole thing.

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