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  1. I feel like there is no rhyme or reason to when it comes on with mine. It was the same with my outlander so I figure it is normal
  2. I ended up buying these as well. Super bright and $60 total. Well worth it and an awesome upgrade. The stock bulbs suck, can am should def upgrade them
  3. I’m from PA I live outside philly in Chester county. Don’t have time to do much riding away from home but have been up to the anthracite coal property in Pottsville. I’ve never heard of rock run I am gonna look it up.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Will be cool to follow along with your build! I’m also thinking a lift and bigger tires at some point but prob not any time soon. Nice to see your whole family goes, my 2.5 year old son is obsessed with riding with me on it but my wife wants nothing to do with it haha. I took her around the neighborhood once and she won’t get back on.
  5. Looks nice Jerry. Did you put a lift kit on it or did you put them on the stock machine? Do they run at all?
  6. I bought the can am one. Its not the robust one out there but it has steps, allows the bed to dump fully and will hit first if I back into anything. Thats all I was looking for
  7. Yeah I think I will prob end up doing 28's and stiffening up the suspension. Hoping I end up liking these big horns and that upgrade can be a few years down the road and not now
  8. I’m happy to read this. My dissappoint needs to be tempered by the fact that I have only put 20 miles on them. It has all been around my house doing work or taking my son for slow rides. My disappointment is they seem to cake up so easily in the wet top soil in the woods. I get I’m not doing fast so this might not be a fair criticism but I didn’t have as much of a problem with my outlanders tires. On Saturday they were caked up and I rode through a small patch of mud and the imedialty were completely caked and were like racing slicks and I damn near got stuck. This is not heavy mud, I could get through it in 2 wheel drive with my outlander. I almost ordered new tires on Saturday and listed these for sale but held off. Going to wait til I go to the mountains for a full ride before I make the final decision. Your review has def made me more comfortable with the big horns I was existed for them when I bought the machine as I always heard great things about the big horns. Yeah I think cranking up the factorie shocks is the right way to go. I’m not really a lift guy just thought maybe bigger tires would help with traction. I also have my plow set up that I don’t feel like trying to retro fit a bunch to accommodate the new height.
  9. Stapleton thanks for the info. I think that may be the best option, tighten up the shocks and go to 28” tires. I’m really dissappointed so far with the big horn tires that came with the machine.
  10. Has anyone put a lift on their defender or have any experience with lifting other side by sides. I just want a small 2 or 3" lift so that I can hopefully put 28" or 30" tires on my defender. Is bracket or suspension spacer the way to go? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. I have not, I have and HD8 and it has plenty of power for me. The dealership told me most of the difference in the HD10 vs 8 is in the top end, and comparing the torque i feel like that is probably mostly true.
  12. Yeah I’m new to side by sides so I’m not sure what I want. I have been told by others though it gets hot with a windshield in the summer. I’m not sure if the ones with the built-in vents at the bottom will be cool enough. That’s why I’ve been leaning towards the foldable.
  13. Believe it or not the brakes pads are probably cooked. Can am is notorious for crap brake pads. My 2013 outlander’s didn’t last 175 miles. When I picked up the defender I asked the dealer if they had improved the brake pads and they said no they still go quick.
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