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2021 Defender HD10 Limited with Apache 360 LT Track kit


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I just purchased a new 2021 Defender with tracks. I watched a bunch of youtube videos about the tracks and the utv. The dealership mechanic that built it went over everything and there were a few items of concern. He said I do not need to remove the DPS track module - because it asks you to confirm you have the track kit installed - just don't confirm and you're fine. Everything I read, including the track user's guide says to remove that DPS track module. Concerning. The other item, is the CVT Air intake - I inquired about the modification needed - which wasn't done and he pointed to the engine air filter duckbill valve that was replaced with a filter, and said that was the only modification that needed to be done. Again concerning. But I'm no mechanic and perhaps things changed with the 2021 model? Does anyone have any information?

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On my 2019, if I do not confirm the dps track module, my bike will not register speed or odometer. Secondly get the cvt intake relocation kit, I did my first winter with out it and man was it annoying, having to clean the sucking screen off every 10 minutes 

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I think  you can leave the module in.  
Removing  it is pretty easy though...

CVT inlet should be moved, other fills up with snow  

Can you please post a close up pic of the inside of the front of your tracks?

I am interested in seeing the anti rotation spring set up.  

I just installed the same kit, but the instructions aren’t clear on the set up of that mechanism. 

thank you!

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