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2019 Defender Hd8 Xt


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Hi there,

New to forum and have decided on beginning my build of my 19 defender. Bought last year from dealer as a demo model. Here is a pic of it stock with homemade windshield and will update when I finish installing the following:

Beamtech headlight bulbs

52" curved light bar

Rear windshield from super atv

Front split folding windshield

26" storm audio soundboard

Cheap fan from princess auto for cooling in cab

Wishlist items any input would be appreciated 

Rock sliders (already broke plastics on side)

Doors preferred full as hate getting hit in the face aftermarket as well brp is way to much in Canada

Homemade boat rack/cage to keep dog from jumping out when bird hunting

Rear lights

Wrap kit not a huge fan of red




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Welcome to the forum, there are a whole bunch of build threads some with pics and process that you can check out for ideas and when the budget catches up to the ideas.😉

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