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Pay it forward/spend it forward....

A hunt 2 remember

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Considering site is relatively new and not many old defenders on the market at this time..... and this group sitting idle.... I thought maybe I would throw out a little food for thought.... 

Each one of us has or will have a considerable amount of thought/time/money wrapped up in our machines.... Some will ride them HARD and put them away WET!!! While others of us will treat them better than our spouses.... DON'T TELL MY WIFE!!! LOL... But seriously you get my point.... Heck.... Bear gets a pressure wash before he gets loaded back up in the trailer..... but that's me....  I know SOMEDAY it will be hard to let go of Bear... (or your Bear) Especially for what I/we have into him/them!!! Again.... DON'T TELL MY WIFE!!! I guess the point I'm going for is.... I understand that if I/we trade him/them in? I/we will be offered BOTTOM DOLLAR!!! So that the dealer can mark them back up and make some money.... kinda like a custom built chopper....  So we try and sell them privately..... To which we get people coming out and doing just what the dealer does.... LOW BALLING!!! So is it worth the time and effort to deal with it???? Sometimes I think NO!!! 

So my question to those that WOULD sell in time.... (for the sake of a used rig purchaser) How will you determine your asking price? 

For those of you that may be looking for a "used" defender..... Take in mind that these rigs have been meticulously thought out.... and you are showing interest in a certian rigs accessories..... just know..... THEY PROBABLY DIDN'T COME STOCK!!  And most WEREN'T CHEAP!! Yet were vital to its job.... or you wouldnt be looking at that particular rig.... Be cognate of that when figuring your offer... sure the rig is used.... but if well maintained.... these Rotax rigs will GO FOREVER!!!

Nice thing about buying something from/through the forum is.... it will most likely have a background here on the site... 


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My thoughts are that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" so having gone through owning every new model of skidoo summit since 1996 I have sold some privately but more recently that was too much hassle so I traded in my machine, low mileage, no damage and in some cases with extended warranty if it was offered with the Snowcheck.

For the private sales my asking price was retail price at the dealer with 50% added for the cost of add ons and the selling price was usually only slightly above the retail price.

For trade ins I got dealer wholesale plus a bit for excellent shape and I was able to take off my expensive aftermarket shocks if they fit the new chassis and replace the factory ones at the dealership. In Canada we have a 5% GST so if you trade you pay GST on the difference if you sell privately no one will pay you GST on your machine but the dealer will charge GST on the used machine. If I had some add ons that I could put back to stock sometimes I would sell those at 50% of cost to recoup a bit of my money.

In short the money we put into add ons is rarely recouped and if we get a bit back its a bonus.🤑

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