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Shock straps (tie downs)


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I saw these being used on Dirt Trax a few weeks ago and ran across them in the princess auto store on a clearance sale so I bought some they are 2" x 9', 2000 lb. working load and 6000 lb. breaking strength. They also have 1 1/2", 1000 lb. working load and 3000 lb. breaking strength.They are made in the USA and are sold under the name of Shock Straps. They have a loop on each end so you can secure the bike etc. with the loop or using the hooks, have a decent ratchet and have a red shock strap (polyurethane?) sown into the strap with a full strength back up loop to secure the load in case the shock material breaks. 2 Year warranty.

You secure your quad by pulling with the ratchet until the red shock stretches some and acts as a large elastic band. When you hit bumps in the road your quad suspension compresses and normal straps can come loose or loosen and you need to stop and retighten them. With the shock strap they take up the momentary slack and keep your strap tight for the whole trip. 🙂


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Thanks for sharing Andy!   Will certainly keep those in mind when it's time to replace my current ratchet straps!


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