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2021 Defender Cab HD8 only


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I checked out the online Defender build section and it looks like Can am decided that the cab only model will be a HD8 and the Limited for $5000 more will be the HD10. If I were buying a new Defender Cab today I wouldn't buy one because it is not offered in the HD10 with the cab only and I don't need A/C in Canada but the heater can come in handy.

I guess marketing has decided you buy the limited in HD10 or the cab in HD8, yet they offer the HD10 in the XT model? Thoughts?ūü§®

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On 10/6/2020 at 9:04 AM, Mark in Colorado said:

I chuckle now, but last year I actually had a slight twinge of buyer’s remorse over my 2019 XT Cab when I saw the 2020 models the very next month.  Not any more!  

ME TOO!!! Maybe in a couple years they will have the AC units figured out and the price down to AFFORDABILITY 

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