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Thoughts on the new 2019 RAM HDs?


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First of all I’m in Ontario Canada so prices may differ from your area. 
Gotta give my thoughts as I’m on my third Ram all sports loaded up daily drivers.  Plus 2 3500 Cummins work trucks. 1999 and a 2004 i operated for some time. 
I’m pretty disappointed in dodge for releasing the classic line of trucks. The reason I became a dodge driver was  you got more truck for less cost. I’m currently driving a 2014 sport crew and I’m looking at 70-75 grand for a 2021 sport crew loaded. They are offering 2021 classics as they have called them 45-50grand but it’s the same body style and interior as mine and even the warlocks top of the line classic series don’t have as many options as my 2014 sport crew. No upgraded sound gages no rear opening window no upper glove box door. No upgraded headlights I’m sure there are more. 
 If I were not already driving a 2014 sport then this might appeal to me with the savings of 20 grand but to buy the same truck I’m already driving (actually worse) just makes no sense. I’ve loved all my dodge trucks well I could have done without the rust from the 2006. Sadly I feel my time is coming to an end with dodge for now at least. I feel like anybody sitting in my generation Ram looking to upgrade has been forced to spend top dollar for a new gen Ram or get a new same less options truck.  

I’ll be getting a GMC Sierra 1500 at4 as soon as I can find a red one and our darn Provincial lockdown ends.   My first few trucks were Early 90 gmc half tons but once I could afford to get into newer trucks I made the dodge jump as I said for costs. If I were looking at buying a diesel or 2500/3500 you can but it would be sticking with a dodge Cummins  that’s 100%. The pull on my old work trucks was fantastic so I can only imagine what those 2021 3500 can do. 
wondering if you have the classic model Ram 1500s in the USA also? 
I’m done Ram ranting lol

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It’s seems that was FCA’s way of riding an existing platform for all it has. They did this with the minivan and the Pacifica. They had the classic minivan roll down the same line as the new Pacifica. They also did this with the Jeep Wrangler JL and Jk platforms. And they are doing this with the Ram DT, DS and DJ platform. Makes it tough on the supply base. We currently have tooling and assembly lines/equipment that is going on 18 years old for the classic Ram. 

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