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2016 Defender HD8 front end growling when turning right and left



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My buddy has a 2016 defender HD8. Growling noise when turning right and left sounds like a tire rub and is worse in 4wd. Driveshaft u-joints are nice and tight. Left half shaft tight, right or passenger side has up and down play at the differential.  The noise was louder on the passenger side so we thought it was a bad passenger side axle. Bought 2 new Rhino axles from SuperATV and replaced both. Low and behold, the growling noise is louder. 

Rather than making another bad decision and just blaming a faulty visco-lock, we decided to take it all apart again and take the differential out for inspection.  The diff upon removal of fluid has a noticeable click or clunk when rotating it from passenger side up to passenger side down. There is definite play side to side moving the ring gear closer and further to the pinion.  If it is rested on the passenger side and the pinion input (driveshaft splines) are rotated, it makes the growling sound.  If the diff is rested on the driver side and the pinion gear is turned it is quiet and smooth. 

This has been going on for over a year but until now I didn't really do much research because it wasn't mine. I feel that the ring and pinion was set up wrong from the factory.  No way should the carrier have that kind of side to side slop in it.  

Has anyone else had this issue? I am currently looking for shims to shim the side bearings and take up the slop. Any input would be appreciated before I have him buy a Halo locker. I think I can fix the noise with the proper shims but don't want to give Can Am another dime to fix their mistake.  Thanks in advance, Jack

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The back lash setting for the front diff is .004" to .01" measured at the pinion shaft at about 29/32 from the center of the shaft. You should be able to get the shims for the inner gears and the pinion shaft at the dealer.

If you decide to replace the visco lok with a halo locker or super atv pin locker they will come with the shim kits you need as well as the spline tool for measuring the lash. You can check out my recent install of the SATV pinlocker in the builds section and why I chose it.SATV has a good online video explaining the install and with their kit you can go back to visco lok if you choose to down the road.🙂

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